Why You Need A Personal Website

A website gives you control over your profile and social appearance.

Whether you are applying for a new job or starting a side project, most people will search for your name online. Having the control over what information you would like to share (including your achievements) is such a powerful thing.

While your website and brand will always evolve, growing your traffic and reach will, over time, give you a huge advantage and possibly change the reach you have with future projects.

The more extensive your site is, the better impression you’ll make — and reaching more people means more connections, opportunities, and so forth.

A website allows you to stand out from the competition.

Depending on the industry, focus on highlighting your unique strengths and identifying what things make you stand out. If you are applying for a new role, include your past (and relevant) experience, things you have done (such as volunteer work, projects etc.).

In this way, a website can function similarly to a resume. However, a personal website has the freedom to be much more extensive and engaging, since it allows for the inclusion of photos, work samples, and even testimonials.

Other tips for building a website:

If you are including photos of yourself on your website, ensure they are high quality. This is critical for the first impression your web visitors (and potential employers or customers) will have of you.

Less is more. Rather than overcrowding your web pages with too much content, think of the key things you would like new web visitors to see. This could include a summary of your CV, short bio and even a list of places you have been featured or companies you have worked for. The key with this step is to only showcase the most relevant content.

How to get started?

You can contact us at here and can chose the best one which fits your requirement.


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